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Focused on great psychological thrillers, especially those dark, dramatic stories full of emotion and intensity. 

We also offer a small range of academic science, popular science and self-help books. 


Oliver Rixon

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"Shockingly dramatic"

"Sucks you in from page one"

"No ordinary thriller"

"Emotive and insightful"

"Hooked from start to finish"

"Vivid imaginary"

"A truly unpredictable read"

"Makes your hair stand up!"

"This is what happens when your murder victim comes back to seek revenge for their death"

"Didn't want it to end..."

"Intense plot, fascinating character development"

"Vivid descriptions still in my mind"

"Not your average killer"

"Crisp prose and original twist on the thriller genre"

"This is one of those novels that starts off with a bang, and maintains that kind of fast pace throughout"

Reviews of Broken Mind

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About Us


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